Melissa Greenhalgh reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                       Colleen was so wonderful with our fur babies and it was such a great piece of mind to know they were comfy in their own home while we were away. Colleen has a very kind heart and treated our pups as her own. We have had Colleen stay with our fur babies a few times now and will continue to call her for any future sitting needs.      

Kelly Eedy reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                              My husband and I went away this winter and asked Colleen to watch three of our furbabies. We were a bit nervous about leaving them for a full week, but Colleen put us right at ease! She was great about sending us lots of updates through the week so that we knew our pets were doing well.                                                                                                                                           All of our pets absolutely adore Colleen! We will definitely be using Colleen for future pet sitting and would highly recommend her to others                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Amanda McKillop reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                               The biggest animal lover I know! Highly recommend!                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Lisa Burnes reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                   Colleen stayed with my 2 dogs for a week while I was a away on a last minute vacation. They love her! I was a bit nervous about leaving my new dog for the first time, but Colleen was great with both dogs and I felt 100% comfortable leaving them in her care after our meet-and-greet. 
I was able to fully relax on my vacation knowing they were doing well (I received several updates during the week letting me that everything was OK at home). Colleen stuck to their routine which made leaving and coming home easy on everyone.
I will definitely be asking Colleen to pet sit again in the future, and would recommend her services to   others!  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tracy Satchell reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                 Colleen has cared for my 3 cats multiple times. I know my kitties are well-loved and coddled while I'm away. My house is always cleaner than when I left! I highly recommend Colleen, she's worth every penny!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ally Walsh reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                           Colleen is fabulous! I work 12 hour shifts and she visits my fur baby Tyson in the afternoon. Upon meeting Colleen I instantly felt comfortable with her. She's not only personable and friendly with people but also has a special connection with animals that is undeniable. Tyson loved her from the first meeting. I feel at ease while at work as I know he won't be alone all day and is well taken care of. 
I would highly recommend her services!   

Bethany Payne reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                               Colleen watched over my dog and cat while we were away for a wedding. Luna and Paris absolutely loved her, we felt so comfortable finding someone we can trust. We will be for sure using her services again in the future. I highly recommend her for anyone needing to leave their pets behind. Their own bed pet sitting gives your animals the royal treatment! Thanks again Colleen                                                                                                                                      

Karen Dunn reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting - 5 star                                                              So grateful for Colleen....That she came and took care of my Satan Kitty while I vacationed in Cuba. Never gave a second thought to how Princess Dalton was behaving. She was in excellent care. Will definately call Colleen again !! 

Kathleen Smith reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                 Colleen is amazing with my boys Ferrus and Lucius! They love you Colleen and thank you so much for trimming their nails and preserving my relationship with them, since they won't let me do it! You really do a great job and I'm so proud of you and your growing business. All the best to you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Jo Ann & Leo Valstar reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting -- 5 star                                               Just wanted to say Thank you to Colleen for a great sitting service ! This was the first time we went away for 2 weeks from our little fur girl Vali. It was a little stressful for us, but when we arrived home she was healthy and happy ! It was clear that she was well taken care of, although she missed us and vice versa, I knew she was in good hands ! We highly recommend you. And BTW: the updates and photos were a nice personal touch to make us feel relaxed while on our Vaca ! Thanks again Colleen. 

Lori Tangen reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting - 5 star                                                                  I can't thank Colleen enough for watching my little guys this weekend! So accommodating and caring. I didn't have to worry at all about my babies when I was away.                                   Ruby and Ratty will miss you and your treats for sure, until next time.

Marnie Sly reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting - 5 star                                                                  Colleen is extremely organized and professional on the business side while caring and giving on the animal side. It is a great combination that allows me to relax and enjoy my vacation, knowing she is taking good care of my fur baby. 

Diane White reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting - 5 star                                                                  I have had Colleen take care of my senior girl, Emma, a few times now, most recently for four nights while I went to visit my daughter in Ottawa. Colleen is just amazing! She truly loves and has that special connection with animals.  I am so thankful I found Colleen and Emma loved her from the moment she met her!  It is such peace of mind to leave your pet while you are away with such a trustworthy, loving person.  You can relax knowing your pet is loved and well taken care of.  Colleen keeps in contact with you to let you know how things are going.  The fact that Colleen will come and stay in your home so your pet's routine and surroundings are not disrupted in immeasurable, especially for those of us who have senior pets.  I can't recommend Colleen highly enough if you have need for a pet sitter !  You're the best Colleen ! Emma and I can't thank you enough ! We will definitely be using you for all our pet sitting needs !


Heather Amelia reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                   This certainly won't be the last time we use Colleen's services. Our experience of having Colleen come into our home for overnight pet care was absolutely awesome.. a huge step up from our usual anxious and poorly timed drop off's/ pick up's from the boarder.

From the initial meeting Colleen was passionate about our dogs and really easy to talk to- I felt totally comfortable and confident leaving our dogs (and house) in her hands! When we returned it was clear the dogs were well fed, walked and very relaxed! Colleen is also super respectful as our house was cleaner than when we left it :)

If that's not enough to top off the perfect pet sitting experience our flight ended up being canceled causing us to return home 6 hours later than anticipated. Colleen was eager and quick to help out by returning to the house to feed and walk the dogs again.  I really couldn't recommend Their Own Bed Pet Sitting enough!

                                                                                                                                                        Lynda Douglas reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting --5 star                                                           I adopted a senior Golden Doodle in 2014 who had been abused, rescued and fostered for a year without being adopted. He was about to be euthanized. Perhaps his age, concern about medical bills in an older dog, his dislike of young children and some dogs and his major separation anxiety were a deterrent. Riley is now 13. Riley's special needs were a source of concern for me. He was needy for affection and security and yet so very lovable.  Riley and I both interviewed Colleen Diamante and we were impressed with her gentle nature, confidence, experience and outstanding references. She provides 24/7 care for him in our home as Riley can't be left alone. Since adopting Riley, we have discovered several health issues including liver problems and a genetic eye disease which will render him blind in a few short months. Riley has proven to be a challenge walking as his limited vision makes him fearful of young children and other dogs as he can't read their body language. He will take an aggressive approach to scare them away as he feels he is protecting me.  Riley considers Colleen part of our family "pack". It is heartwarming to see him check the guest room in case Colleen is there and he missed seeing her arrive. His pure joy when she arrives is inspiring. She has a calm gentle demeanor that he responds to so well and I can see he shows no fear and only trust and love for her.  Colleen clearly offers a very high standard in her care of her dog Clients. Her program is tailored to each dog's unique needs. She is patient, kind and consistent with Riley. I can't image how Riley would be progressing without her skill, insight and intuitiveness. She follows his daily routine of special feeding, medication, treats, massage and even his Kong at 9 pm. She is proactive in his care. Colleen is like Riley's DOG LISTENER rather than whisperer.  She has an amazing natural ability to connect with him and truly cares about his well-being. I am so very grateful to have her in our life.  Colleen provides freedom for me! We have several trips planned and I can go and enjoy myself with no worries or anxiety knowing he has the best care possible with her and he will never feel abandoned. She makes him feel secure and loved. My promise to Riley is that he will never be alone, or boarded at a kennel or pet resort. The last chapter of his life will be his happiest. Colleen enables me to honor my commitment to him. Colleen is 100% trustworthy in my opinion. I know Riley has the best care possible with her in my absence. I recommend Colleen in the very highest regard ! THANK YOU Colleen!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Natalie Walzak reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                   Took such good care of our little lady and we couldn't have been happier! Went away for the long weekend and never had to worry about our fur baby, knowing she was in such good hands while we were gone.

Patricia Stalker reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                         We and our 4 cats loved this service. Contacted Colleen last minute and she was able to accommodate our every need. The meet and greet made us feel comfortable leaving our 'kids' while we vacationed. Loved receiving pics and updates while away. They barely missed us and very reasonable charges

 Christine McNally reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting -- 5 star                                          Colleen is amazing! She came and stayed with our two dogs this weekend and she was so great! Frequently checked in, and my dogs clearly loved her. We came home to two happy and relaxed puppies. I'm so happy to have found someone so reliable!

Melissa Cottrell reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting -- 5 star                                                            Colleen looked after our cat for us while we were away in the fall. She was so great! She was very organized and professional but very warm. Her love of animals was evident right away! It was so nice to know the cat was left in good hands and not worry about her while we were away! Thanks Colleen!

Eugenia Khorochkov reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting --5 star                                              Colleen was truly amazing with our 2 cats, she's very qualified and obviously genuinely loves animals. She was also very professional, kept in touch throughout our trip and went above and beyond! Highly recommend!

Jean Francois & Shelley Finnen reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting --5 star                                  5 Star plus in reliability, professionalism, and most important caring. Colleen goes above and beyond to ensure your fur babies are comfortable & loved, your house respected, and as our recent trip was due to a death in our family, she even took the time to send us a nice little video of our girls, bringing much needed laughter and smiles. Colleen, you are a true treasure!

Elaine Steel reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                       Colleen recently house and pet sat for us for a little over a week. Clearly our dog and two cats had a lot of lovin' while we were away and the house was well cared for! The text updates from Colleen provided peace of mind, and we had a lot less hassle on our departure and return. We highly recommend Colleen's service. Thank you Colleen!


Kailey Soehner reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                       This is going to be a long review, as I am over the top pleased with my experience. I found Colleen on a whim, with no prior experience with pet sitters in my home. Colleen went above and beyond any expectations I had, and I am BEYOND happy with her service. Colleen was previously a vet assistant at the vet that I currently go to - so that alone was very comforting. She was extremely thorough, amazingly sweet, and professional in explaining how her services worked. We had a meet and greet in my home initially, and Kitty loved her from the get go (as did I). It was immediately apparent that she was a true animal lover and wonderful caregiver. I had no reservations in trusting Colleen in my home and with my pet. My cat required a pill while I was away - Colleen, previously being a vet assistant for many years - offered to give Kitty her pill confidently. I was so appreciative of this, as I knew it would be a struggle for me. I was sent adorable photos of Kitty while I was away, which was so nice as I have never left my pet alone for longer than one night. Colleen offered to not only trim her nails (which I am awful at) but she ALSO left her own personal radio in my home, so Kitty would have something to listen to when no one was there!!! Overall such an AMAZING experience, I recommend Colleen's service to ANY pet owner. I am so thankful and will absolutely be calling Colleen the next time I go away.

Taz Mum reviewed Their Own Bed Pet Sitting — 5 star                                                                    I found Colleen when I was searching for a dogsitter online. Turns out one of her reviews was from someone I knew! My friend sung her praises & this made me feel so comfortable and confident with Colleen as my friend is a Veterinarian and has the highest standards for pet care. I'm a classic "helicopter parent" when it comes to my dog. But after meeting Colleen, I had absolutely no concerns or reservations! She came the next day and took Louie (my pup) for a walk and even sent me a text/photo update! I look forward to booking Colleen for the rest of Louie's days and when we travel too.                                                                                                   You won't get this type of personalized care from some of those bigger dog-walking companies. Thanks Colleen!!!!                                                                                                                           Elyse R

 Tracy Diggins -- 5 star                                                                                                                       We are so very very grateful to Colleen for looking after our furry (and scaley and pinchy) family and our home while we were gone for a week. It was such a weight off our minds knowing that she was there every day looking after everything. Our 2 dogs in particular are pretty used to their routine, and they were both so much more settled and happy than when we boarded them at a kennel. The cats appreciated the attention and care, and Colleen even cared for our fish and hermit crabs!Our house looked better than when we left, and it was so much more secure having someone there while we were away.
Colleen gave us frequent updates,and let us know of any issues that came up during her stay. She was very accommodating and was able to come for an additional feeding and walking when our return flight was changed.
Thank you so much! 
- Tracy Diggins and family