Hello my name is Colleen Diamante and I am the sole proprietor of Their Own Bed Pet Sitting. 

I have spent my life committed to improving the health and well being of animals, especially those in need. I have had the privilege of sharing my home with numerous rescued dogs and cats. Molly my first rescue was a severely abused and neglected beagle. After a year of kindness, respect and love she graduated from St. John's Ambulance as a licensed Therapy dog. She brought a smile and happiness to everyone she met. She gave us 7 wonderful years of joy and laughter. Three years ago after a battle with cancer we lost our beloved angel. Since her passing we share our home with 3 cats Hershey, Inq. (our little three legged tripod) and our newest rescue Skreech the bengal. We then rescued 2 hound dogs, Sweet Pea a foxhound who has overcome so many, many challenges. She was severely abused, abandoned and so petrified of people that she was forced to live alone on the streets for over a year . She was diagnosed with diabetes and requires daily insulin injections.  Five years ago we adopted Popeye our Coonhound. He was about 11 years old with a Grade IV heart murmur and congestive heart failure when we adopted him. Sadly within the past year we had to say goodbye to both of them. Popeye gave me 4 & Sweet Pea 6 of the most wonderful years of my life. Their pawprints will forever be on my heart. We have just recently adopted an 8 yr old Bloodhound “Beau” who spent his life tied up on a chain. He will never know sadness, loneliness or chains ever again!

I have been employed as a Veterinary Assistant for 25+ years and therefore am capable of administering medication both orally and injectable.  I am familiar with different sizes and types of dogs and understand that each dog and cat possess their own unique personality.  I have volunteered for many years in multiple rescue groups.  

I have a huge favour to ask of my clients & future clients. Due to my asthma I find it difficult to be around scents. I ask if you have scented candles, scented plug ins, incents or air fresheners that you cover them or unplug. This will greatly help my ability to stay in your home. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but thank you in advance for your assistance.                                                                                THIS IS NOT JUST MY BUSINESS, IT IS MY PASSION